BIM Project Procurement and Management Services

Experience with implementation of Information Systems and implementation of BIM tools in preparation (design), implementation (build) and facility management. We helped with BIM related contracts drafting, procurement, supervision of suppliers in building, residential, commercial, retail and transport infrastructures projects. Our team members advised in public and private (development) BIM projects worth over billions USD. We participate in the development of international and national methodologies and standards.

Information System Implementation  

Implementation in Your Organisation

Construction Projects Data Management

Strategy and Projects Digitalisation Development Plan 

Analysis and Consultations

  • Data Needs, Workflows and Processes Analysis for Information Models (BIM Models) 
  • Software Solutions Recommendations
  • Information Models Software Solutions Training 
  • Project Data Sharing Principles, Common Data Environment Architecture Proposals

Procurement Agenda

  • Employer's Information Requirements and Data Standards Definition 
  • BIM Contractual Requirements and Documents Preparation 
  • BIM Procurement Terms of Reference Preparation 
  • MEAT/BVP Supplier's Evaluation Criteria and Requirements Recommendation 
  • Procurement Process Assistance for BIM Suppliers 

Suppliers Supervision

  • Supplied Data Examination and Requirements and Standards Compliance Check
  • BIM Model Collisions and Design Errors Detection 
  • BIM Model Errors and Omissions Remedy 

Preparation and Realisation Support 

  • BIM Coordinator or Data Manager Support within Preparation and Realisation
  • BIM Models Preparation 
  • Data Evaluation based on Construction Process Monitoring